Alright -- so your getting ready to park your domains the Domain Rental Space service -- the first domain parking service that gives powerful control over your domains and provide lucrative site networking benefits.  In the next 5 minutes I will show you WHY my solution makes a lot of sense and open your eyes to a new era of domain parking technology!  You will quickly see the underlining benefits of my parking system and it will change the way you see the domain investing and parking business.  Best of all -- you will keep 100% of your advertising profits!

My Domain Rental Space parking service is NOT
just a way to sell off your ad revenue -- its much more!

Don't Just Sell Your Traffic -- Effortlessly Increase It!  Selling your ad space is a great idea but if you don't put forth 'active effort' to increase your site traffic, you will find that eventually your lucrative domains will 'dry up' and become valueless. 

Domain Rental Space is designed to preserve and build upon the promotion of your site with its unique and desired cross linking and promotion properties. 

Your Site Is Doing More Then Just Sitting Idle..

My Parking Technology Adds Value To Your Parked Domain..

When you park a domain -- your INVESTING in its future.  Designed in my system is the ability for other webmasters to locate your parked domain via my Marketplace



Each Parked Domain offers a "temporary" link reciprocal system that will boost your PageRank with ease!   This technology allows other webmasters to provide a one-way link to your parked domain, and in exchange they receive a "temporary" inbound link to the website of their choice.  This temporary link will only remain on your parked domain for a set number of days, as you define in your control panel, and then the link location will be available again.  However, the one-way link provided to your parked domain will not be automatically removed and will continue to pass PageRank to your parked domain until it is removed from the other webmasters page  -- which may be never. 

"The linking system is versatile.  You can have all inbound links pointed to a non-parked domain to build PageRank on the sites that count for you the most"

This system of temporary exchange provides your website with a long-term and steady supply of inbound links that will prepare your parked domain for greatness. 

Your increasing PageRank will continue to draw in more organic search engine traffic, your newly established inbound links will attract new visitors to your domain, and this process will grow your ad space revenues and domain value.

Since your parked domain will be a part of my 'network' you will find that webmasters will flock to your page to take advantage of your free link offerings.  This will auto-pilot your link building efforts just by using my service!

Most webmasters have websites that are not parked -- and they need more PageRank and Visitors!  By using my parking service you can promote your non-parked domains using the power of the ENTER network of parked sites!

You can now Cross Link ALL of your non-parked sites on your parked domains with ease!  This means that through the centralized control panel you will be able to effortlessly add your non-parked domains and a static link will be placed across all your parked domains.  No more manually editing your parked domains in efforts to utilize their PageRank and Traffic -- it is all done for you!

Gain exposure across every domain parked in the entire network -- and it costs nothing when you park a domain using my service!  This will bring you HUGE search engine exposure as well as traffic to your non-parked domains!  Your 468x60 banner will rotate and gain you mass exposure -- just for parking your domain with my service! 

Another fantastic feature -- if your looking to build PageRank quickly on a new site -- this is a great way of doing it!  You can now INSTANTLY obtain a static text link that will appear on EVERY domain in the network -- all passing PageRank and Traffic to your domain.  This link will remain on all domains for a duration of time to ensure the passing of PageRank properly. 

Webmasters love instant gratification -- and my instant ad space technology does just that!  Webmasters can now browser my marketplace and search for parked domains by category and traffic count -- and then INSTANTLY purchase and upload their banner to the parked domains of their choice.  These banners will remain on the parked domain, in thee banner location of their choice, for a duration defined by the parked domain owner. 

Best of all -- you get paid for your ad space instantly via Paypal!

This means you are GUARANTEED to get paid, no more waiting months on a commission check, and my Marketplace ensures that you will receive constant exposure to webmasters seeking to purchase lucrative ad space.  As the parked domain owner, you can define the duration in which the ads will remain on the parked domain as well as your pricing for each type of ad on the page.   With my parking technology and marketplace you will finally be able to keep 100% of your advertising revenues (minus paypal fees) and enjoy the benefits of every parked domain bringing new webmasters to promote on your site. 

Domain parking is a great way to promote a domain you have listed for sale! Listing and ranking in my marketplace increases the likelihood of selling your domain and acts as a promotional agent on your behalf -- Free!  You keep 100% of your domain proceeds and never have to pay us a commission!

Your parked domains are more then just sources of revenue -- they are investments!  You have to think about the future and well being of your domains.  Selling your ad space for top dollar is important but ensuring the life and growth of your traffic is extremely important. 

I've designed this system to tackle the problems of selling ad space but to also extend the life of the domain and empower the webmaster to utilize social and organic networking within and outside of the parked domain network itself.  

Until now its been acceptable to park your domain and just splash the user with a lot of Google adsense ads -- giving away 80% or more of your advertising revenues and waiting months to receive payment.  In the meantime, while they profit from your ad space,  they have provided no site networking or promotional abilities and utilize the PageRank value of the site even less. 

I designed Domain Rental Space to take your domain and give you collective control  over the entire network -- utilizing each others resources to not only profit from your ad space but to increase the value of the domains within that network.  In addition, I've designed the system versatile enough not to just limit your ability to increase the value of your parked domains but rather to focus the efforts of your parked domains to the domain of your choice -- parked or not. 

Despite my domain parking being featured packed, and despite its ground breaking technology, and even despite its clean and appealing design -- one of the biggest reasons to Join is because I'm offering to host your first few domains for FREE

You Pay Nothing... No Commissions, No Fees, No Memberships.  No Whammies!

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